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Lephone FxCop Rules

Lephone FxCop Rules is the custom rules for FxCop.

For now it includes 2 rules:
  • function should less than limited lines
  • file should less than limited lines.


  • Install Microsoft FxCop 1.36 to your pc.
  • Download and unpack it to a folder.
  • Run install.bat in this folder (In vista you need run it by administrator mode.)

Install source code

  • Download the source code package and unpack it to a folder.
  • Create the folder "Bin" in the install path.
  • Copy the folder "Microsoft FxCop 1.36" in the install path.
  • Copy "Lephone.Util.dll" to folder "Microsoft FxCop 1.36".
  • In FxCopCmd.exe.config, add following code to appSettings section:
<add key="FunctionLinesLimitation" value="70" />
<add key="FileLinesLimitation" value="700" />


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